I formed Pig Records back in 2010 as an outlet for my own writing and recording projects. Since then a steady flow of releases have given the label a small back catalogue. Although most releases are my projects with an ever increasing number of collaborators, there are releases from other groups including the brilliant Jim Blomfield Trio.

Being an avid record collector, I have always liked labels with the right ‘look’ and ‘feel’. So when I released my previous two recordings (Quartet + guests and Octet) I decided to give the label a proper website and promotion at the same time. My aim is for the label to continue regular releases of my recordings and collaborations, but also expand with other acts (from any genre) that hit a resonance with me. The idea is to get work ‘out there’ in a practical and attractive way.

Kevin Figes


If you would like any more information or would like to be involved, please use the contact page.